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Monday Morning Marketing Mashup


Quote of the week

"I can measure the potential success and strength of a business by how well the team communicates (both internally and externally) and how aware they are of their own weaknesses."

Brad Bodnarchuk

Creative. Coach. Consultant

How was your weekend?

Social media is a tool that has forever changed the way of life and restaurant marketing. But is it more important to spend time and energy creating posts and stories, or should you be spending that time creating an EXPERIENCE worthy of your guests posting and creating stories?Most restaurants measure their social media marketing success by how many followers and likes they have; however, the restaurants that see the benefits of social media measure their success by how many mentions they had from guests they served that day.75% of new guests visit your restaurant based on a recommendation from a person they know. 99.9% of guests have a repeat visit based on their previous experience.  So what are you doing today to create an EXPERIENCE worth posting?

Have you read this one?

Seth Godin - Permission Marketing is a great inspiration to the Restaurant Funnel Sales System and a recommended read to everyone on business. It will change the way you think about your marketing strategy.


Happy Marketing,

Lance Popke
Account Manager


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