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Hello Monday May 10th, 2021

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."

You can't know it all? 
 An investment in knowledge doesn't always mean just investing in learning. 

Investing in knowledge can be about working with people who may have more knowledge in an area of focus than you, and together, you become unstoppable.

Something to watch.

Your restaurant needs to be unique to stand out in a crowded market. These places take it to the next level. 16 unusual restaurants from countries around the world.

Something to read.

Ten must haves for running a restaurant. 

The most import are number 7 and 9 😉.

Something to listen to.

Does your independent restaurant think about local store marketing like a national franchise? The reason that chain restaurants might be busier than you is they have a commitment to marketing and a marketing committee.  Check out this podcast episode from Nate Riggs.

Social Restaurant PodcastLocal Store Marketing for Restaurants

Just a thought

Don't send emails!.

Not sending emails to people who have given you their email address because you don't want to bother them, piss them off, or have them unsubscribe is ridiculous.

It's most likely not how many emails you send; it is what you are sending them.Every advertising medium works best with frequency; your email is the same. 

Find people who want to be on your list, and make sure they hear from you at least once a week, even if you're just saying hi!

Thanks for reading this week's mashup. 

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