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Hello Monday July 12th, 2021

"A bend in the road is not the end of the road...unless you fail to make the turn."--- Helen Keller


Something to watch.

Great Minds Sessions welcomes Treena Reilkoff as she leads us in a discussion about creating a safe environment in our workplace and ways to make Mental Health a Priority in our restaurants!

Something to read.

How to Survive the Restaurant Industry Labor Shortage

Something to listen to.

Eric Cattiatore talks with Matt Plapp.  He has owned his marketing firm since 2008 and since then he has helped hundreds of companies market with a purpose, that purpose is ROI!

RESTAURANT UNSTOPPABLE 811: Matt Plapp Leveraging Your Marketing To Build A Database Of Customers

Don't forget about the marketing.

Sales are up, staffing is tight, and you are doing whatever it takes to keep the restaurant running.

But don't get caught in the trap of thinking your restaurant is busy enough, so you don't need to worry about marketing.

That's not looking at the big picture.

It is the best time to turn up the marketing and build your network during the season of record sales.

Capture contact information and build a relationship with all your guests outside your restaurant.

Not only will the network support you when things slow down, but if you decide to expand with another location, another concept, or even another type of product, you will have a base of people to connect with.

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Lance Popke

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