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Hello Monday May 31st, 2021

"Forget the fancy lingo and buzzwords. All marketing comes down to just three things: What’s your product? Who is it for? And how can you reach them?"
Chip Klose, Restaurant Strategy

Something to watch.

Great Minds SessionVI

The time is coming when you will need to be ready for this. What steps will you take when you get your reopen date from your local/State/Prov. Government? Join us on June 1st,5pm CDT to review these steps and hear how others in hospitality are handling their reopening.

Something to read.

Your Customers Are Part of the Team: How to Keep Them Involved
Checkout this article from Jill Goodwin on the Modern Restaurant Management website.

Something to listen to.

Restaurant Rockstars Podcast - #38 Kill It Or Get Killed - 25 Actionable Ideas For Your Restaurant!

If you’re not willing to invest 1 hour in your business to dominate your competition, you might as well turn in your keys because there are easier ways to make money than the restaurant business. Spark some ideas with this podcast from Roger of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast.

Just a thought

Would you build a house without a plan?

A house has all the same components.
Foundation, walls, and a roof.

So why do you need a plan?

The foundation needs to be strong enough to support the walls. The walls need to be strong enough to support the roof. So once you decide what your house will look like, an architect needs to go back and create a plan to ensure that all of these elements work together and create a stable structure.

Then each trade uses that plan to make sure it fulfills its obligation of the construction process to create the final product.

What's your plan to get new guests into your restaurant and have existing guests come back more often?

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Lance Popke
Founder - Restaurant Funnel Sales System

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