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Hello Monday May 3rd, 2021

Marketing isn't just posting to social media or creating an ad; every touchpoint you have with a potential guest is marketing your restaurant and an essential part of the sales process.

Cheap is the last refuge for the marketer who can't figure out how to be better."

Something to watch.

Have you wondered how to set menu pricing in your restaurant? Are you thinking there is a specific markup that will set you on the right track? Watch this video by Restaurant Systems Pro to learn why there isn't a set markup to use to set menu pricing and how to set menu pricing in your restaurant. 

Something to read.

Customer service is the cornerstone of a great restaurant experience, but what does that mean exactly? Check out this article by Lightspeed

Something to listen to.

Ways you can utilize Restaurant Value Engineering to boost value and make a profit. Check out this podcast episode from Marketing 4 Restaurants

SECRET SAUCE Podcast - #149 – Restaurant Value Engineering

Just a thought

Don't be Cheap. 

Competing on price should be left to the fast-food chains.

If your restaurant isn't achieving sufficient revenue, it's not that your prices are too high; it's the value perceived based on the price is too low.

Price your menu in a way that allows you to be profitable and create a marketable experience that justifies that price based on the value received.

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