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Hello Monday May 17th, 2021

“Focusing on the cause (value) rather than the effect (making money) will lead to much greater long-term success.”
Allan Dib, The 1-Page Marketing Plan: Get New Customers, Make More Money, And Stand out From The Crowd 

What value do you provide? 
Value isn't just about the dollars someone spends. It's also about the time they give you. Most restaurants get wrapped up in the costs of a product and making a return. 

But what about the investment of time someone is making. 

You can lower the perceived value of your product if a guest doesn't feel the time they invested was worth the experience they received.

Something to watch.

Signs You're In A Bad Restaurant

Check out this video from Mashed to better understand how little things your restaurant does can have big impact on someone's experience.

Something to read.

Dining Out Isn’t Just About Eating & Exiting, It’s About the Dining Experience
Check out this article from Singleplatform about the importance of creating a unique experience.

Something to listen to.

When customers have great experiences, they want to buy more and are more likely to remain loyal. A positive customer experience often results in positive word-of-mouth referrals. 73% of customers say a good buying experience is key in influencing their brand loyalties (Source: PwC). 

Monetization Nation Podcast - 92. Customer-First Marketing and How to Help Customers Perceive the Value of Our Products and Services

Just a thought

Where does storytelling fit into your marketing?

This is a debate that many restaurant marketers have, and there may not be just one way, but here is a thought.

Do people try a restaurant because of the story of how the restaurant was concept was created?

Do people try a restaurant because of the story of your staff, where they are from, and their history?

Do people try a restaurant because of the story of your recipe or the origin of food?

The answer is.........maybe!

However, the story that gets people excited is the guest's story that your restaurant helps write. The experience provided while two friends reconnected, a family enjoyed a night away, a first date, or a 50th anniversary. Those are the stories that are the most important to share and attract new guests.

So are you concentrating on sharing your story, or are you focusing on helping guests with their story for them to share?

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Lance Popke
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