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Hello Monday August 16th, 2021

"When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going"--- John Thomas


Something to watch.

Sometimes you just need a laugh, Check out this Comedy Sketch about Restaurant Menus These Days

Something to read.

Even though your restaurant might not be fine dining you can still incorporate a heightened level of service. Check out this article about Fine Dining Etiquette for Servers

Something to listen to.

On this episode, Host Barbara Castiglia talked with Alex Canter, CEO of Ordermark.

The Main Course How Has Guest Behavior Evolved?

What makes you stand out in a crowd?

Identify three unique things about your restaurant.


Your three uniques are what sets you apart from the competition.


When you look at the competition in your trading area, a few restaurants may share one of your uniques. There may be a couple that share two of your uniques. However, there is no other competition in your trading area that have all three of your uniques.


Your trading area could be 5 blocks, 5 miles or for a destination restaurant, it could be the entire city.


The important part is you need to concentrate on marketing these items to help your restaurant stand out in a crowd.

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