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Hello Monday June 07, 2021

"We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better. "

Something to watch.

Your guests eat with their eyes first, having a library of amazing pictures of your food and drinks makes your marketing very easy.

Check out this video from Skyler Burt. 

Unbelievable Tricks Photographers Use To Make Food Look Delicious.

Something to read.

How the Restaurant Sales Funnel Really Works? 

Check out this article from Yes Diner where they break it down to four main stages- Attract, Capture, Close, Retain.

Something to listen to.

Restaurant Strategy Podcast #117 - The Triangle Principle

In this episode, Chip, introduces you to The Triangle Principle. Simply put, it states that to market any product you need to consider three sides: Attraction, Retention, and Evangelism. This episode explain how to use these ideas to grow your business. 

Just a thought

Change the way you think about your marketing!

Creating advertising that only results in a guest visit is a linear approach to marketing your restaurant.

Spend a $1 get a $1 way of thinking.

Somewhere with the digital age introduction, restaurants lost focus on the best form of marketing that has always worked in the past.

Word of mouth, one friend tells one friend, then those two people tell two people, and then those four people tell four people, then those eight people tell eight.........and it keeps doubling.

So how do you utilize digital to help nurture the word of mouth process?

By building a list of actual guests that have dined at your restaurant, you nurture them into a network of superfans. Then by personal engagement and rewarding them for introducing new guests, you will be giving them the opportunity and tools to spread the word.

As you grow your network of superfans, you will consistently increase your revenue.

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Lance Popke
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