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Hello Monday July 05th, 2021

"There are far, far better things ahead than what we actually leave behind."--- C.S. Lewis


Something to watch.

Start With Who is the best approach to test a market, grow a business, create raving fans, and live a life of purpose. Check out the video from Jon Morrison: Start With Who: How To Spread Your Ideas

Something to read.

Social Mythbusters: Does Using Instagram Hashtags Mean More Engagement?

Something to listen to.

The most forgotten about , yet most important social media channel, James Eling from Marketing 4 Restaurants discusses why your Google My Business account is so important and gives you simple steps to grow your revenue with a GMB account that works.

Secret Sauce Podcast #159 - Optimizing your Google My Business account

Having great food won't be enough!

There used to be full service and fast food. The line was pretty straightforward. But now, just like the fusion between culinary styles, the lines between service styles have also become very blurry.

So how are you unique?

Your guest gives you more than just money; they commit their time to your restaurant.

How is your restaurant going to give value to a guest for the time they spend with you?

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